Cirkumfleks Magazine

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I came across Ed Safin on Behance which is a place where professional artists can post work and link up with other professionals. In this day artists need to be looking at everybody’s work and I mean globally.

I already know that the rest of the world is doing this but for some reason we think we are the end all be all. I have been tired of an American perspective for awhile and am thankful that Behance has help me find creatives around the world who I can get to know.

Ed Safin is in Norway and has a Magazine called Cikcumfleks. It show cases what artists are doing in many mediums.

I had no idea what a Cirkumflek was. Below is the definition.

  • In Norwegian, it generally marks the former presence of the letter ð in the spelling of the word – for example, fôr (foðr), vêr (veðr). The ð was replaced by an ordinary d before it disappeared.

©Ed Safin