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This is Evan ApRoberts. A folk singer in Los Angeles.When I say Los Angeles I mean

East LA, Echo Park, Silver Lake.  This night Evan was singing on his own and then his

girlfriend, Melissa Castellano of NONNI BAG Designs, got up to sing with him the rest of the night.

The folk scene in LA is getting interesting… for now. I am always waiting for the main stream to

come in and take over these, no faker, scenes. Eventually, it will happen.

The folk music seems to attract the same musicians, and the same crowd. This is nice, because you go

to a show, and you know the crowd, the musicians, and they know you back.

Evan ApRoberts and many other musicians such as Frank Fairfield, The Dough Rollers, Cave Country, Shakey Graves, and the

Fleet Foxes are just some musicians that take me back to a time my parents and grandparents only know about.

Glad to know that the music is being carried on with talent, and grace even in a town that’s full of Glam, and Fake.

Alta Dena.. In the back

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  1. Gerrel
  2. Alta Dena Back Yard
  3. Sculpture Tree

I follow a man around named Gerrel. He’s a small time dope dealer. I used to live in Alta Dena.

Gerrel’s girlfriend lived above my apartment, and when there were gun shot in the neighborhood,

Gerrel would always ask me if I was okay. He and his family have been my friends ever since.

I saw him today….. in Alta Dena…. at 1:30 PM… in the backyard

BIG SUNDAY Los Angeles

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Big Sunday is a day when 50,000 volunteers come together (young and old) for community building. Things like feeding the homeless, fund-raising for non-profits, and activities to  help a community in need were organized. I was asked by the Design Director (Charlie Hess) of UCLA Magazine to help cover a couple of events in Los Angeles and Hollywood. I saw many young volunteers getting involved and wanting to help with their parents. In the Morning I was at

People Assisting the Homeless (PATH) where breakfast was served for the residents. Then to the LACMA lawn where the folks at the Good Shepherd Center for homeless women and children were bussed to the Museum to enjoy family day and the art activities that the LACMA puts on during the weekend.

It’s very important that people get involved in community service. It’s good for us. It helps us gain perspective and be thankful for what we have.