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Robert Hamada

Robert Hamada is into fashion. I am not. Yet he is one of my favorite photographers. I took this while in NYC on a job and met up with him. I love his work. He’s awesome.

Un Sung Heroes

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Un Sung Heroes for Society of Publication Designers 2010 from Betsy winchell on Vimeo.

Society of Publication Designers put on a show for photographers who were not yet recognized. This was a chance for the LA photo people to show the NY photo people that there is talent in Los Angeles and it needs to be recognized more often. The event was held at Smash Box Studios in Hollywood.

People such as Carol LeFlufy of Eye Forward, Kathleen Clark of the Clark + Oshin Gallery, and Lisa Thackaberry of Angeleno Magazine presented photographers. I was presented by Carol LeFlufy and was so excited to be presented in front of LA’s industry professionals.


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This is Evan ApRoberts. A folk singer in Los Angeles.When I say Los Angeles I mean

East LA, Echo Park, Silver Lake.  This night Evan was singing on his own and then his

girlfriend, Melissa Castellano of NONNI BAG Designs, got up to sing with him the rest of the night.

The folk scene in LA is getting interesting… for now. I am always waiting for the main stream to

come in and take over these, no faker, scenes. Eventually, it will happen.

The folk music seems to attract the same musicians, and the same crowd. This is nice, because you go

to a show, and you know the crowd, the musicians, and they know you back.

Evan ApRoberts and many other musicians such as Frank Fairfield, The Dough Rollers, Cave Country, Shakey Graves, and the

Fleet Foxes are just some musicians that take me back to a time my parents and grandparents only know about.

Glad to know that the music is being carried on with talent, and grace even in a town that’s full of Glam, and Fake.